Western Hills Church Of Christ

Senior Adults

We love our senior adults.  We need their experience, their wisdom, their skills, and their loyal involvement.  We need their mentoring and example.  Many have blazed a trail of faith and dedicated service to enable the current outreach and ministry of WHCC.  We don’t “retire” our seniors.  We follow their lead!  Our seniors are hip-deep in the ministries of the church!  But we also minister to the unique needs of our senior adults.  Two of our worship gatherings favor the senior adults in music and style.  We also offer Bible studies, ministry opportunities, some shut-in care, and special activities.
Our Older, Wiser, Loving, Seniors get together frequently for excursions and fellowship.  They meet to eat out, go sight-seeing, attend concerts or inspirational events.  They look after each other and encourage each other in the Lord.  Many of our OWLS visit shut-ins, the hospitalized, provide grief support through funeral dinners, and transportation for groceries and doctor visits.  
Keystone Class
Try our longest meeting Adult Bible Fellowship!  Made up of mostly senior adults, the Keystone Class has met faithfully for Bible study, fellowship, and countless service projects for decades.  Each month they enjoy each other’s company for a class dinner party.  
Home communion
When your health keeps you shut-in at home or a retirement facility, it is nice to have visitors from the church.  Men from the church take communion to our shut-ins weekly for their spiritual enrichment.