Western Hills Church Of Christ


Jesus commissions His followers with these words: “Go make disciples of all nations…”  Global outreach is at the core of who we are and what we are about.  We don’t just “mail in the check.”  We “partner” with several missionaries around the world.  We train, send, support, pray, visit, and stay involved with our missionaries in making followers of Jesus across cultural and ethnic lines.  The current missions we partner with include:

Team Kosova
Jorge & Diana Lugo—Caracas, Venezuela
Hamish & Molly Taylor—Christchurch, New Zealand
Adam & Amanda Shreve—Plant the Word, Edinburough, Scotland
Octavio & Milca Ruiz—Villa Union, Mexico
Leon D’Orleans—Haiti
Bana & Marguerite Uriah—India
Juliet Greene—Guyana
Mid-India Bible College student
Cincinnati Christian University
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Institute (Bryan & Pam Eubanks)
International Disaster Emergency Services
Mountain Mission School—Grundy, Virginia

Mission Trips
Looking for a way to get hands-on and eye-opening involvement?  Short-term mission trips are planned annually and they are life-changing.  The largest group travels each summer with Ron Vance to Mexico typically to help churches with Vacation Bible School for children, construction, and outreach.  We’ve had other individuals and small groups go to Venezuela, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Brazil, Haiti, Canada, Kosova, Germany, and more doing medical work, teaching, preaching, singing, construction, and a variety of support work for missionaries.  Join us in making an eternal impact in this world!