Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

"Scrambled Eggs"

Welcome to the Western Hills Church of Christ's Virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

It is very simple what you will be doing.  There are seven rooms that you will be entering. Once you enter the room, click on the image to zoom in, and then click on symbol that looks like a circular arrow.    That will allow you to move about in the room and to zoom in a little closer.

Each room has a purple poster with a question from the Easter story.  Your goal is to find all the eggs in that room, write down the letters found on each egg, and unscramble the letters to come up with the answer.  You much use all the letters.

All the answers are found in the Easter story: Matthew 26-28; Mark 15-16; Luke 22-23; and John 18-19.

If you are able to solve all seven answers, fill out the information at the bottom of the page.  I will double check to make sure you are correct.  I also want you to count how many eggs were found in all seven rooms total.  I will post the names of those who have answered correctly.  Parents are allowed to help with this activity. Have fun!

~Ron Vance

Click the image to enter the Worship Center.

Click the image to enter the Library.

Click the image to enter the Nursery.

Click the image to enter the Youth Room.

Click the image to enter the Kitchen.

Click the image to enter the Preschool Classroom.

Click the image to enter the Jr. Church classroom.

Did you find all the eggs? Type out your answers below and click 'Submit.'